Online resolution and amendments platform

Welcome to the FYEG GA 2016 Amendment Platform!


This website is designated to allow participants of the 2016 FYEG General Assembly (GA) to amend GA documents. The General Assembly and Summer Conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from 26th to 29th of May 2016. Details about the GA itself can be found on fyeg.org. Instructions about how to use this website are provided in the “Instructions” box on the right. We would like to thank Max Löffler and Alex Fecke for providing this website. The system which they have developed is an open-source plugin for the wordpress system called cvtx. Please feel free to use and distribute it.

Quick tutorial


If you haven’t used the amendment tool before, we advice you to have a look at this tutorial (PDF).

If you made a mistake, and you don’t know how to fix it, contact the office (office@fyeg.org) or Kristian in the presidency (kristian@fyeg.org).